You Will Never Walk Alone!

I have always been inspired by Liverpool Football Club’s slogan. Reminds me of the times when I feel like I have absolutely nobody to walk with me on this sometimes terrifying journey of pushing through fears and making dreams come true… especially when a relationship with a significant part of your dream dies off.

It can be terrifying when you lose someone in your life that you believed was pivotal to your success. When that relationship ends, the fear of doing it on your own scares the absolute crap out of you!

Here’s the thing: you are going to meet many people in your life, and some will bring very significant value to your life and/or your business. But sometimes those significant relationships simply do not work out, and that’s how life is.

But in the back of your mind… ok, maybe right at the forefront of your mind, you are spiralling into a tizzy of paranoia and anxiety! You worry about whether you can make it without that person. You built so much together, and very quickly, they became the “wind in your wings” so to speak. So you ask yourself “Am I going to make it without them??”

And the answer is a resounding YES!!!

You were the same You before you met that person. You had the same goals, passion and vision! And after the relationship dies out, you know what you do? You take what you learnt from it and move right along! Life will provide you with more opportunities, more awesome human beings to connect with and more awesome experiences! It does not have to end with a business or personal relationship gone sour!

In Life, You Live, You Win, You Lose, You Learn!

You just have to keep moving and trust that the next chapter will be an even more amazing one for you. And you know what?? It will be! So Just Keep Going!

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