Your Legacy: What Will You Be Remembered For?

your legacy

Your legacy is the footprint you leave on this planet to show the world that you were here…

your legacy

A few years ago, I had the privilege of having my sister around with her two beautiful children, as they came to visit from abroad.

My sister is terribly modest about herself. If you ever compliment her, she will be apprehensive about receiving it, questioning whether she is deserving of it. But nobody is more deserving than she is.

She has always been an incredible human being.

She manages to bring out the very best in everybody she meets, and every life she touches.

She is a selfless and loving human being, who always puts those she loves before herself. My sister is building, and will leave an incredible legacy, for her children, and her children’s children to remember.

My sister inspired me to grow the hell up.

It was through her example that I realized how destructive I was in my 20’s, and how important it was for me to let go of what I did not need anymore, in order for me to experience what really mattered in my life.

your legacy

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A legacy to me is not some huge superstardom of greatness that millions of people have to know about.

Your legacy does not have to be about accumulated wealth, rewards or accolades.

It is about the ability to touch people’s lives.

I believe that this is all that matters.

A radio personality was remembering a colleague of his who had past away recently, and said “nobody will ever stand at the pulpit at your funeral and talk about the amount of money you had. All that will be remembered is what you meant to those you have left behind.”

Each and every single one of us has something we are meant to become.

Deep down in your soul you know you have a gift inside you to offer.

You know you are here to

  • build or create something meaningful
  • help, nurture, lead others
  • inspire and motivate people who need to hear your message

When you leave this planet, it is your duty to have left something that will be passed down from generation to generation.

People will know that it was through your kindness and generosity, your ingenuity, your hard work and sacrifice that a whole family or community is living a new and different life.

You never know: All you have to do is influence one person’s life… just one person, and that person will find the belief in himself to change thousands, even millions of people.

You are here for a reason, and you are here to be remembered.

So what do you want to leave behind?

What will your legacy be?

Will it be meaningful?

Will you be remembered for the compassion you showed, the love you gave, the time and effort you spent changing the lives of others through your gifts that lie inside of you, or will you leave this world quietly, having barely left a positive mark in anyone’s life?

Are you interested in leaving a legacy? Your legacy?

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