Your Story: Kelly Bell

Meet Kelly Bell. A health and wellness coach and a devoted mother based in the US. She is also one of the nicest people I have ever gotten to know on Facebook.

A number of times, she has asked me “how can I help you?” and quite honestly, I am always stumped, because I usually don’t expect that level of generosity or selflessness from anyone, and especially a stranger.

But this is Kelly. Always giving and positive, and I truly am thankful that she was kind enough to share her aspirations for 2015 with me.

Here they are:

1. What are your intentions for 2015?

My intentions for 2015 are to help as many people that are struggling with their health, time management, eat healthier, gain a love for their life again! We all get sucked into the daily grind and I believe sometimes we get lost and need help to find our way out. I know that I most certainly have! What is the biggest goal you want to achieve? The biggest goal I want to achieve is change lives including that of my families.


2. What is the one thing you fear most going wrong this year?

Time management is the one thing I struggle with, I am a single mom to four and have a lot to do. But I know that I can overcome that, just have to learn the best ways


3. What will happen when you finally make your dream come true.

When my dreams come I will help inspire many people and add a difference in this world. I will be able to support my mom 100%


To find out more about Kelly Bell, do check out

She is also going to introduce her new website very soon: As soon as she does, I shall be sure to post it on my Facebook page!