Your Story: Sally Kabukuru’s Dream Job

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If there is one thing I love, it’s happy endings and the power of the Law Of Attraction. Sally is a great friend of mine. I’ve known her since high school. She was kind enough to send me her story of how her life changed when she got the job of her dreams. She may not believe in the Law Of Attraction, but to me, this is most certainly a testament to what happens when you hold on to your vision no matter what. I truly hope you enjoy this story.

One day I was responding to a friend’s Facebook post on a coffee date,when I saw a post on her wall of someone looking for a Designer/ Creative Director.

 Would you know it..I didn’t give myself the chance to believe I could get that job, so I ignored it & went on with my life. But something in the back of my mind kept tapping & I remembered Sheila’s post on trying & never being afraid of what’s on the other side. At least you’ll have tried!..soo a week later I return to my friends post expecting it to have been deleted. But was still there.

I stared at that post for a while & told God, I’m going to send my resume & the rest I leave in your hands…now this post was not in Nairobi. As the e-mail had an .rw extension at the end, it was in Rwanda; a country I had never visited before but only knew of their past history. So I didn’t know what to think or expect. But I pressed the send button & off it went to Rwanda. And I forgot about it..thinking there are soo many good Kenyan designers here..they’ll probably be picked.

Fast forward to October 2014…. (Please bear with me & all my back & forth)..I had reached a state of total discouragement, lowlessness & tiredness. Name it…You couldn’t tell it on my face but I felt it all over (And my super mum with her kryptonite powers could see right through me…aren’t mums great..!) I just couldn’t understand what was going on..why weren’t things working how I wanted them to work…then one morning I just told God flat out..” I’m tired..! I’m just tired..! & you have to help me..because I can’t do this alone!..I’m just too tired & only you can do this!…

No sooner did I say that..! when later on that day I was walking in town & I see a very strange area code no. on my phone & was like..where is this coming from. So I picked up the phone..& this phone call would change my life in so any ways.

On the other line was the Director of an Advertising Agency called Cube based in Rwanda. First of all I had to walk into a shop because the streets were so noisy..Secondly..I was in amazement..ati someone will call me from another country asking me to go work there..!? ..Oh yes please…!

I was in so much was that very morning I told God I was tired & in a matter of hours… an offer!

By the time I walked out of that shop my jaw had hit the ground..I did not believe what had just happened…that, that e-mail I sent a few weeks back was actually spotted. (Why didn’t I have more confidence in myself when I first e-mailed it..!)…Anyway like anyone would I speed dialed Super mom & the family &told them of the great news & that I might be moving to Rwanda. They were happy for me that I finally got a big break & had the opportunity to work out of the country..& with nothing holding me back.. (Not even Makena my cat!) I received their blessing.

She flew into Nairobi for the interview on a Monday. So…We’ll call her Super Director* (S.D).

S.D asked me how soon I could be able to fly there because they really needed a designer. Still in shock mode, before I could answer she was like….Is this Saturday o.k?….It was that fast..! This is just the compressed version but she went on about what I would expect to do, get paid etc etc..

Friends..! I felt that magic wand being taped on my head moment..& replied with a big YES..!

That very Saturday I was on a flight to Rwanda for a week to see where the office is located, where I would be staying & how the Company is run.

All this was happening so fast..!

So I arrived in Rwanda on Saturday night..& can I tell you Rwanda is a BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, COUNTRY..! LIKE CLEAN..! no trash anywhere. I was like.. I could live with this..

I was picked up from the airport by the Company driver & taken to where I would be living with the other roommate…who also happened to be happy was least a familiarity to help me ease in…

Fast forward through the week, I would go along with S.D & my Kenyan roommate for many meetings to get a scope of how things are done in the Agency. Very different from what I expected of most Agencies I’ve worked for in Nairobi.

S.D told me from the beginning..I will teach you what I know, forget what you know about design..this is a very different ball game & I will teach you much more that the design you know & you will see it from a whole new perspective. And that..was soo true…just by watching how she handled her meetings with clients..taght me a lot.

She’s so brilliant & a serious workaholic & dreams BIG…& that is where I wanted to be…I didn’t know what to expect but I liked the sound of a different experience.

There was so much to see in Rwanda.This country is blessed with gorgeous, tall, beautiful, women & equally handsome tall men..

Well… after the one week visit, S.D asked me what I thought about the country and how soon was I ready to come back & start working for them. And just like that..I was hired. So I traveled back home to share the news with family & in one week I had packed my belongings & off to a new country, which I now call,home.

Back again to the beginning of 2014…when I made that visual aid…how I expected things to turn out then, turned out in a completely different way. God’’s ways are so unique. Let me share with you a few..that have come to pass as I look forward to the rest.;

  • I had a picture of a fully furnished apartment that I would be living in….Fast forward to today, I live in a fully furnished house provided by the company.
  • Another prayer request was to move into a safe neighbourhood like Lavington (a suburb in Nairobi, Kenya) which has lush green trees, & is a safe neighbourhood…. fast forward to today, I live in one of the safest countries known to mankind.
  • Since moving here, I got the opportunity to serve in my Church ( Trinity Chapel; a branch of Nairobi Chapel…using my skills ( design & photography) & absolutely love it. That to me is so fulfilling; being able to serve God to the fullest with what He has given me.

And its only when I arrived in Rwanda when I remembered…Wait..!this is what I asked for & believed for & got it. Friends..! Those visual aids are great visual boosters to what you want to do/become.

So…I’m believing for many other things to happen this year on my visual aid list: Travel to Spain, Dubai, Get my new, white mini cooper, buy my parents a Lincoln Navigator each..! Own my own design company/ clothing line, start a home for the less privileged, master Indian cuisine, get back into some competitive sports..&many more.


Here are Sally’s responses to the 3 questions I asked her on her prospects for 2015!


1. What are my intentions for 2015 & my biggest goal I want to achieve ?

My intention is to be the very best I can be in my new adventure in this land, to learn the much I can, research the much I can, live & enjoy the much I can & PUSH myself to greater heights..! The skies the limit & I am responsible for my happiness & not anyone…even my cat!

As for my goal. I’m currently a Senior Lead Designer on probation to becoming a Creative Director. And being confirmed to become a Creative Director & proving that I have what it takes..Will be totally Awesome & I thank God it’s already done!..Amen!

Secondly I want to propose & bring to action various tourism strategies for the Rwanda Tourism Board.


2. What is the one thing you fear most going wrong this year?

Not being confirmed as a Creative Director. However I set my heights up.. & look forward to my New C.D Role!…(Positive thoughts! Positive Actions..! Hard work!)


3. What will happen when you finally make your dream come true?

I think I will write a book..! I’ve always wanted to motivate people with my life’s lessons. I would definitely want to give back to society in a big way like sharing my skills, knowledge & experiences to empower the youth& with the many many monies I will be making…J start my t-shirt line company.