Your Story: The Ambitions of Lala Ortiz

Your Story in 2015

So I started a campaign, #YourStory2015 in which I asked a number of great folks who were kind enough to respond to me, what their goals are for 2015. During the course of this month I will be sharing their stories. I hope that they inspire and motivate you the way they have already done for me!

The first story I want to share is that of Lala Ortiz. She is a beautiful artist extraordinaire based in Sacramento, California, whose skills include being a figurative sculptor, art doll maker, fantasy artist, metal forger, jewelry maker, soap maker, instructor, and the list goes on and on. She is massively talented. And she has an awesome smile to go with her gifts!

Thank you Lala, for sharing your biggest goals for 2015 with us.

“I am not sure that I am “waiting” for anything in particular as far as taking action. I am doing it! I have a shared studio space (I’d love to not have to share but, financially that will not happen just yet), I schedule classes and events and also sublease out wall and table space to other artists every mont.h All of these activities help to offset our monthly rent as well as bring interest, excitement, and creativity into our little co-op gallery. This month marks our 1 year anniversary in the space. We are having our birthday celebration this Saturday!

 We have already had some turnover. We lost 2 of our original partners. With the 2nd loss we decided not to invite another artist to come on board with us. It’s just too much work to work with yet another personality. I really have work to do. I must be able to just focus on my own work at this point.  So, instead of having a 4th person we are doing some extra hustling, booking more guest artists (we are currently booked through 2015 and have a waitlist! Yeah!), booking more workshops, events,and make it take it projects & demonstrations with a prominently displayed donations box!  In many ways it is absolutely perfect! I totally LOVE my studio mates!

We are a force! The entire co-op has recognized us as the activity and interest earners of the building! Here is the tough part, I want to do more! I want to have bigger workshops and events. I have a hard time filling classes with paid participants. I just cancelled last month’s metal clay workshop due to only having one participant. I can’t justify having my teacher travel from out of town for one person! So, what am I waiting for? A greater audience! more enthusiastic learners and participants! I don’t only want a gallery space, I want a hub of overflowing creativity and action! I want so much more than just passive observers! I want creators! I want to foster even more creative energy in the community! I want it to branch out from my tiny space out into the community and into the world! I may be “waiting” but, I am not waiting passively! I am doing! Sometimes I get results and sometimes I don’t! I need an assistant or two, or three! I am looking into getting some college and/or High School interns to help out with some of the workload, I’m looking into possible grant money, women & small business legal & financial aide, and sponsorship from corporations & manufacturers, and more!

I also have a part time job to support my business. I am not one to wait in the wings, I am teetering on the edge without a net, and having faith that at some point I will sprout wings of my own!”

Now for the 3 crucial questions I asked all the participants. The following are Lala’s responses!

1. PF: What are your intentions for 2015?What is the biggest goal you want to achieve?

Lala: Most of all this year I want to create a community of creativity! I want to reach out to more people and share what I know with them. I want to foster a community of artists who support each other. Photographers can help us non photographers get a decent portfolio together, painters and illustrators can help with logos or other artwork for print, etc. I want to be a part of bringing these different local artists together to support and serve the cause of creating more art in the community and in the world. Of course I am always working on new art. I have just taken up painting this past year. I actually just sold my fist painting within hours of finishing it. The paint was barely dry! This year I will put more emphasis on honing in on my painting skills. I also want to book enough workshops and sell enough art to be able to stash some funds away for a rainy day. I love my artist lifestyle but, the financial pressures are hard no matter how much of a thrill seeker I am!

2. PF: What is the one thing you fear most going wrong this year?

Lala: I occasionally, have fears that things will not go as planned but, for the most part I am confident that although I have setbacks I will always be able to work my way through it. I am getting better at asking for and accepting help when I need it. This is a new skill for me. I am still practicing this. I am fortunate to have the best, most supportive friends ever (including you) and also some very loving and supportive family members. It makes the non-supportive ones easier to deal with when I know that I have some good people on my side! They really have my back and they believe in me, even when I don’t!

3. PF: What will happen when you finally make your dream come true?

Lala: I love this question! There are so many dreams to dream! If one comes true there will always be a thousand more dreams to pursue! I will never be done! I will always keep dreaming up more new dreams and adventures! It is in my way to not have things totally rigid and planned out completely, exact. I prefer a bit of whimsy and mystery in my world!

I have enclosed a few photos of her artwork.


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