Your Story: The Devotion Of Joel White

devoted father

In this week’s ‘Your Story’, I’d like to share the desires and goals of Joel White. Joel is an acquaintance I got to know through Facebook, and when I asked him to share a bit of his hopes for this year, he was very happy to.
Joel lives in South Central Pennsylvania, United States with his wife Suzette and their four children. Joel is a devoted father, a life-coach and a health enthusiast. His posts on Instagram are filled with the 3 things he is most passionate about: his family, self-improvement, and health/fitness. He holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education.
His work as a life coach is detailed in his website “Coaching for Healthy and Balanced Living.” The caption below, which I lifted from his website, explains why he got into life coaching:

After years of working with individuals and groups in counseling and therapeutic capacities, I felt a desire to be more proactive and help others work toward achieving their full potential. Life Coaching can do just that as I work with individuals wanting to experience and live their life as intended. My focus now is on coaching adults seeking growth in the areas that can bring fulfillment and enhance personal development. Combining their God-given talents, interests, and desires, we work to bridge the gap between where the client is and where the client wants to be.

You can get more information on Joel’s work by clicking this link:
The one thing that really stands out for me is his devotion to his family. He is a very proud and doting father of his young ones, and in almost every post on his page are the pictures of his wife and children. There is nothing pretentious about his posts, just sharing the joy that his family brings him. He is one of the people I follow on Facebook because they are always positive, fun and inspirational.

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Joel White



Below are the questions I asked him about what he really wants out of 2015

1. What are your intentions for 2015? What is the biggest goal you want to achieve?
My intentions for 2015 are to continue growing myself, personally, professionally, and spiritually, balancing my life’s responsibilities and making an impact in the lives of those I come across. I value my family and want to make sure that I focus on their needs while being the best husband and father I can possibly be. My faith is an important part of me, so finding and taking advantage of opportunities to make a difference is a priority. My business is “Coaching for Healthy and Balanced Living”, meaning it is very important that I take care of myself physically and being proactive in my health and fitness. Professionally, my intention and my biggest goal, is to take my business to a higher level, supplementing my current income and focusing my professional energy on my business areas of service. As I plan and grow professionally, I will seek out opportunities to offer my services and expertise in venues that will expand my business, as well as impact my clients. There will be a tremendous sense of accomplishment and allow me to focus so much more energy on the areas that I am passionate about and that align with my purpose and mission in life.

2. What is the one thing you fear most going wrong this year?

I began working on my business in 2011, focusing on some education and the planning. I needed to design the business from the ground up and without a business background it became challenging. Fast forward to early 2015 and as I reflect on my journey, I see tremendous growth in my personal, professional, and spiritual development. There is more clarity in my vision and I am more confident in what I can offer and bring to the table. Now, to answer this particular question. I believe that I have the resources and support in place to take my business to the next level. In the past I wasn’t sure and in fact, lacked confidence, as well as a sense of clarity, andwas very timid in taking action. I’ve seen a number of success stories of people who have overcome tremendous challenges, inspiring me to continue my journey. As a result, I do not necessarily fear something going wrong in my business this year, but if I am sitting in the same spot at this time in 2016, I will be very disappointed. Personally, if I were to lose focus in my vision, fear taking action and moving forward in my business, and give up; I would be letting my family down and not fulfilling what I believe to be my purpose in life.

3. What will happen when you finally make your dreams come true?

My goal for every single day is to grow and be better than I was the previous day. I’m sure that you have heard people say that if you love what you do, it’s not really work. I believe there is so much truth to that statement and when you combine that passion to one’s purpose in life; so many great and exciting things begin to happen. As I stated above, there will be a sense of accomplishment in knowing that I have met goals and on track with my vision and mission, however, when running a business and setting goals, there is never an end. The moment I become complacent or decide to settle for where I am, I am not growing anymore. In order to run a business and in particular, a business that adds meaning to my life and works to inspire and challenge others, I must continually grow and be challenged. That means planning, setting more goals, and working diligently to consistently improve my business and lead it in the right direction. There is no end, only a daily commitment to grow and to lead by example. That isn’t to say there won’t be any time to appreciate the journey. In fact, the journey in many ways is a large part of the dream. Seeing something grow from an idea to a lifestyle will be incredible. I am so excited to wake up each day and live out my purpose. I’ also excited to see where my business will be 1, 5, and 10 years down the road!