Your Story: Tim Maina, Brand Strategist Extraordinaire

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In continuing with the series #YourStory2015 I would like to introduce Tim Maina, a brilliant brand strategist based in Las Vegas.I am so proud to say that Tim is a fellow Kenyan, who has blazed his own trail, starting for very humble beginnings to pursuing his dreams with courage and strength, to where he is today.

Tim and I first connected when I attended a seminar of his back in March of 2013 right here in Nairobi city. I was curious about this young man who was going to talk about the fact that it is indeed possible to make money on the internet, and for a little over $16 to attend a one day workshop, I was not going to pass up on the chance!

Tim’s presentation truly stood out for me, and I related to his energy, his honesty and humility. He gave us so much valuable information in those short hours. He honestly gave his all, and quite honestly, if you attended his talk and implemented all the steps he took, then there was no way you could not have beeen making a consistent amount of money thereafter. It was not a get rich quick scheme. He taught about how to create one’s own WordPress website, and also how to use certain platforms like, as well as to become a successful freelancer.

One other thing that really stood out for me with Tim is his willingness to help others. We have a big problem here in Kenya where people who have made it outside of their humble beginnings to do not want to share their information on how they made it because they believe someone will “steal” their formula. Not Tim, though. He ensured that we who attended the talk could keep in touch with him, giving us his contact details and being very supportive of anyone who decided to take him up on the knowledge he imparted, to dive into the world of online marketing and branding.

I didn’t communicate with Tim until October, when I felt as though my life was at a standstill and I needed to put my gifts to use and also make a bold move to create my own brand in the online world. I knew Tim would be a perfect partner for the creation of this grand plan I had in my mind. As always, Tim was very responsive to my emails, even though we hadn’t kept in touch months after our first meetup.

The plan to create my brand took off in November 1st 2013. What was supposed to be a 4-month project quickly shrunk into one month. We decided that it would be brilliant to introduce the brand in January 2014, knowing how much work and consistency it would take to condense all that work into one month, we went ahead with it. Hours of Skype calls, a huge workload and deadlines turned birthed Push Factor.

If you are impressed by the professional way that the Push Factor brand is presented, the credit does indeed belong to Tim Maina. I appreciate all the work he has done for and with me. He has not just gone the extra mile, he has gone another 20 for me. His company, Stance, which is a branding agency based in Las Vegas, stands out as The Meaningful Branding Agency. To quote a paragraph on their website:

“We believe that great brands stand for something. Brands that commit to a meaningful STANCE—and those who engage with them—win.”

So without further ado, I bring to you Tim Maina’s goals and plans for 2015. I appreciate him for sharing this valuable information with me: –

1. PF: What are your intentions for 2015?

TM: What is the biggest goal you want to achieve? To double revenues for STANCE and work with an A-List brand e.g. Apple, BMW or P&G.

2.  PF: What is the one thing you fear most going wrong this year?

TM: Nothing.”I ain’t got no worries” lol

3. PF: What will happen when you finally make your dream come true?

TM: I’ll share my success with those that have helped me achieve my dreams. I’ll also reward myself with a trip to Hawaii to tour the set of LOST, one of my all-time favorite shows.

He also adds the following:

 My PF is the the eye-opening realization that one thing is for certain- I am not getting any younger (an even scarier thought/reality is that my parents are rapidly growing older, my dad is almost 60- it hit me the other day)- I’d like to be able to give back to them so they can retire comfortably for all the sacrifices they’ve made for me to this point.


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